What's New – June 30, 2013

The following features were introduced or enhanced in Agile Manager:


Manage the flow of backlog items through their development stages with a fully interactive and configurable storyboard.

  • Set the storyboard mode. Select whether to use the storyboard in Scrum Mode within the context of a sprint, or in Kanban Mode, unbound from the sprint cycles. This setting applies to all teams in a release.
  • Customize the storyboard to match your team's work process.
  • Manage work items on the storyboard. Drag items from lane to lane, while keeping within the time and WIP limits.
  • Analyze storyboard metrics. On the Dashboard, select purpose-designed widgets from the Kanban category.

For full details, see Kanban storyboard.

Application Access Settings

  • Set user access permissions to selected applications.
  • Users can view only features and backlog items associated with the applications to which they have access.

For full details, see Define workspace users.

Full Screen Mode

View the dashboard, task board, and storyboard in full screen mode.

ALI: Source Code Browser

  • Browse the source code directories directly from Agile Manager.
  • Use an interactive heatmap to quickly gain insight into folder metrics such as code churn, coverage, and defect density.
  • To benefit from the full functionality, in Configuration, download and reinstall the latest Build Agent from the ALI Summary page.

For full details, see Browse the source code library.

ALI: Application Support

  • Use a new dedicated dashboard to analyze source code changes and builds by application.
  • Filter existing build and code change widgets by application.

For full details, see Work with applications.

ALM Synchronizer: Synchronize Attachments

You can now synchronize attachments between Application Lifecycle Management and Agile Manager.

For full details, refer to the ALM Synchronizer documentation.

Follow Backlog Items

  • Select user stories or defects that you want to watch.
  • Receive mail notifications upon status changes, or when a storyboard time limit is exceeded.

Select user stories or defects that you want to watch, and click More Actions > Add to My Watch List

New in the Widget Gallery: My Watched User Stories

  • Lists the user stories included in your watch list.
  • Joins the existing My Watched Defects widget.

Linked Items Column

  • A new Linked Items column is added to backlog item grids.
  • Filter items according to whether or not they have dependencies.

Planning Board

You can now construct the planning board using single-selection custom list fields in any of its dimensions.

Sprint Closure

A defect cumulative flow diagram is added to the widgets bar at the top of the Sprint Closure page.


If you load a favorite view and then change grid settings, a modified favorite icon prompts you to save changes.

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