What's New – October 20, 2013

The following features were introduced or enhanced in Agile Manager:

Re-login improvements

  • The authentication timeout has been extended to three hours!

  • To log in after a timeout, just enter your password.

ALM Synchronizer updates

  • Dependencies are synchronized from ALM to Agile Manager, and vice versa.

  • For example, view synchronized dependencies as Agile Manager Linked Items and in the ALM Dependencies tab.

  • ALM Synchronizer administrators can define the types of synchronized dependencies.

Download and install the new version of the ALM Synchronizer server to receive these updates. For more details, refer to the Agile Manager Synchronization Guide

View Direct Cover Status

  • Display Direct Cover statuses for features using the new Feature Direct Coverage Status widget.

  • Additionally, use the Direct Cover Status field in custom summary graphs.

Compare planned and actual efforts

  • User stories and defects now retain planned task effort estimates.

  • Compare planned estimates to actual effort in Release Backlog and Sprint Backlog grids.

  • Display estimated effort in custom summary graphs.

Data hiding enhancements (administrators only)

  • Define the Application field as required for new items. In Configuration, select Project Settings > Set required fields.

  • Define the Application field as required for specific users only. In Project Settings > Project Users, unassign the (not set) application for selected users.

Other Releases

For details about earlier releases of Agile Manager, see our Release Notes user forum.