What's New – December 1, 2013

The following features were introduced or enhanced in Agile Manager:

Navigate to a backlog item’s theme or feature

In grid views and other views, hover over an item and click links in the tooltip.

Use custom fields in custom Agile graphs

  • Track custom Single-Selection and Number fields over time.
  • Use tracked custom fields in custom Agile graphs.

An administrator must enable the custom field for tracking before you can add it to a custom Agile graph.

For details, see Track custom fields over time.

Modify granularity in over-time graphs

In the graph wizard, modify the granularity directly the in the main configuration settings to show more or fewer data.

In the graph, select Configure Settings, and set the granularity to day, week or sprint.

Archive themes and features (administrators)

  • Archive old themes and features, including all related backlog items.
  • In the Themes or Features grid, select More Actions > Archive.
  • Users can view a read-only list of archived themes or features.

For details, see Archive backlog items.

ALM Synchronizer updates (administrators)

Download and install the new version of the ALM Synchronizer server and client to receive these updates.

Option to split tasks with invested effort when splitting user stories

  • Invested effort remains in the original task and story.
  • Remaining effort is carried over to new tasks in the new story.

For details, see Use the Task Board.

Quick attachments for themes, features, and user stories

In the New Item dialog box or on the right side of the Details page:

  • Paste new images or URLs from the clipboard.
  • Drag and drop files from your file system.

Other Releases

For details about earlier releases of Agile Manager, see our Release Notes user forum.