What's New – Agile Manager 2.02

The following features were introduced or enhanced in Agile Manager:

Support for multiple workspaces in a single site Access Quick Actions from the Help menu
Additional options for Setting a Backlog Item to Done ALI notifications for unplanned effort
New ALI Build Impact report ALI extensibility API and provider SDK
Dev Bridge update Synchronizer enhancements Synchronizer enhancements

Support for multiple workspaces in a single site

Create workspaces to manage multiple products, programs, or projects on the same Agile Manager site. Workspaces enable you to apply scaled agile methodology in an enterprise organization by providing an additional layer of data visibility.

Users can toggle between workspaces to which they are assigned. Access to items outside a user's workspaces is not strongly restricted.

Note: In the current Agile Manager version, a limited number of workspaces can be created in each site. If you need more workspaces, contact support for assistance.

Note the following changes from the previous version of Agile Manager:

  • The Project tab in the Configuration area is renamed Workspace.
  • A new Site Administrator role is introduced. Site administrators can define workspaces and manage site users. For details, see Configure site settings.
  • The Administrator role is renamed Workspace Administrator. Workspace administrators have configuration permissions in their workspaces. For details, see Configure workspace settings.
  • Custom fields are now defined on the site level, and apply to all workspaces.
  • Other settings, such as ALI, definition of done and user notifications, are configured per workspace.

Note: In existing sites, all Administrators are automatically converted to Site Administrators. Modify this in the Site Users configuration page as needed.

Access Quick Actions from the Help menu

Access Quick Actions from the Help menu in addition to pressing Ctrl+1. For details, see Quick Actions (Ctrl+1).

Additional options for Setting a Backlog Item to Done

Use ALI metrics in your set of guidelines for when users can set a user story or defect to Done.

Configure rules for code coverage and unit test success rates on the Workspace > Settings configuration page, in addition to criteria for closed acceptance tests and linked defects.

For details, see Configure preferences and notifications.

ALI notifications for unplanned effort

When ALI is configured for your release, Agile Manager can send email notifications if it detects that development has not followed the plan. These alerts can raise awareness about possible inconsistencies between the status tracked by Agile Manager and real development activity.

For example, emails are sent if a user commits changes for a user story that is currently planned to a sprint other than the current sprint, or for a backlog item that is unassigned.

To manage ALI notification settings, in the configuration area, browse to Workspace > ALI Settings, and click Notification Preferences. For details, see ALI user notifications.

New ALI Build Impact report

A new Build Impact page enables you to review the impact of a build series in releases where ALI is configured. This enables you to review the stories or defect fixes delivered in a sprint build.

On the Build Summary or a Build Details page, click Build Impact and then select the range of builds you want to review.

For details, see Review a build range report.

ALI extensibility API and provider SDK

ALI now allows you to integrate Agile Manager with a build system or SCM repository not supported out-of-the-box.

On the ALI Summary configuration page, under Integration, click Custom Integration.

Download the ALI SDK and implement a new provider for your build or SCM system.

For details, see ALI Extensibility.

Dev Bridge update

The ALI Dev Bridge has an update that supports Java 7. ALI administrators should:

  • Update the Dev Bridge when prompted by Agile Manager.
  • Verify that the Dev Bridge server has Java 7 installed.

For details, see ALI Dev Bridge overview.

Synchronizer enhancements

Synchronizer now supports the following:

  • The ability to synchronize theme and feature ranking. To support this, you must create a custom field in ALM for the theme and feature rank, and map the new field accordingly.
  • The ability to synchronize users who have multiple email addresses defined in ALM. For such users, only the first email address is synchronized with Agile Manager.
  • The ability to synchronize with projects saved in ALM 12.0x.

For details, see Maintain your Synchronizer system.

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