What's New – Agile Manager 2.10

The following features were introduced or enhanced in Agile Manager:

Backlog item templates

Workspace administrators can design templates for creating new user stories or defects. A template defines tasks and acceptance tests for each new item based on the selected template.

  • Manage templates on the Workspace > Settings > Templates configuration page.
  • Each workspace supports a maximum of five templates for user stories, and five templates for defects.

  • Select a template to use when adding a new user story or defect in the Add Item dialog box.

For details, see Configure preferences and notifications.

Automatically reconnect to ALI Dev Bridge

Configure the ALI Dev Bridge to automatically reconnect after being restarted, using saved credentials.

  1. Log in to the Dev Bridge using the URI defined on the ALI Summary configuration page (Workspace > ALI Summary > Integration). Log in as a site administrator or a user with the Dev Bridge role.
  2. In the top-right corner of the page, near the logout link, select Automatic reconnect.

Your credentials are encrypted and saved, and the Dev Bridge will reconnect automatically after restarting.

For more details about the Dev Bridge, see ALI Dev Bridge overview and ALI Dev Bridge deployment.

Show/Hide builds in the ALI Change Log report

Show or hide specific build configurations from the ALI Change Log report.

In the Change Log report (Source Code > Change Log), select Include Builds, and then select the type of builds you want to view in the log.

For details, see Analyze source code trends.

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