What's New – Agile Manager 2.12

The following features were introduced or enhanced in Agile Manager:

Workspace and feature teams

Agile Manager now enables you to reuse teams across releases, by using workspace teams. You can save a workspace team's settings, and track its performance across releases. Workspace teams are created and managed by workspace administrators, in the configuration area (Workspace > Teams).

You can still create teams, ad-hoc, within a release (called feature teams). Feature teams cannot be reused for multiple releases across the workspace. However, if you find you need to reuse a feature team, you can easily convert it to a workspace team.

Assign items to workspace or features teams from any Agile Manager grid. To enable this, the Team column has been added to more grids, including Product Backlog and Defect Management.

Some other examples of the advantages of using workspace teams include:

Moving backlog items from release to release If you change a backlog item's release, and the backlog item is assigned to a feature team in the release, the team value is cleared. However, if the item is assigned to a workspace team, the item retains the team assignment.
Synchronizing data with ALM

If you synchronize data with ALM projects, using workspace teams means that you no longer need to create new teams in ALM for each release. Use the same teams across releases, in both Agile Manager and ALM.

In the configuration area, workspace teams have a special red stripe on the side of their labels to differentiate between workspace and release teams.

We changed several elements in the configuration area to support workspace teams, and added new functionality for release teams. Click to view a slide show that takes you through all these changes.

For more details, see Configure teams and releases.

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Set, view, and compare team velocity per sprint

Now you can set team velocities per sprint, while configuring a team. You might want to modify the default for holidays, a planning or stabilization sprint, or other reasons specific to your organization.

Users can compare up-to-date expected, average, and actual velocities per sprint, as well as view total capacities for a release.

Team velocities are modified by administrators on the team details configuration page. For details, see Configure team settings.

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Delete workspace

Site administrators can now delete workspaces that are no longer being used.

Delete workspaces with caution, as this deletes all associated releases, backlog items, and ALI configurations and data. Additionally, note the following:

  • You cannot delete a workspace that you are currently logged in to.
  • If you delete a workspace while users are logged into the workspace, users may experience errors. Users will be required to log in again.
  • You cannot delete the original, default workspace (the workspace with ID 1000).

For details, see Configure site settings.

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ALI support for new versions of build server and SCM systems

ALI now supports newer versions of Jenkins, Hudson, Perforce, and GIT. For details about supported versions, see ALI supported environments and frameworks.

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