What's New – Agile Manager 2.31

The following features were introduced or enhanced in Agile Manager 2.31:

Larger edit boxes for Description fields

In the Details view, the editing box for the backlog item Description field is now larger and easier to use.

Click anywhere in the Description text to open the edit box. Drag edges and corners of the edit box to re-size it, making it as large or small as you need.

Increased character limit for tasks and acceptance tests

Descriptions of tasks and acceptance tests now support up to 1000 characters.

Edit tasks in the Details view, the Sprint Backlog tab, and the Task Board.

Reorder tasks in a backlog item

Now you can drag and drop tasks in a user story or defect to reorder them, for example, in the order they should be performed.

Drag and drop tasks to reorder them in the Details page, the Sprint Backlog grid, or the Task Board. The task order is retained throughout Agile Manager.

Filter My Stories widget by status

Now you can configure the My Stories Dashboard widget to show only specific item statuses, just as you can for the My Defects widget.

  1. Configure widget settings, and modify the In Statuses selections.
  2. Save your changes to view the updated widget.

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