What's New – Agile Manager 2.32

The following features were introduced or enhanced in Agile Manager 2.32:

New forecasting graph on the Dashboard

Our new Release Forecast graph helps you plan your release based on activity in previous sprints.

The graph displays the forecasted progress until all release content is completed, as well as the release progress so far, for the selected release and team(s).

It highlights any over-planning or under-planning, and when your team will complete release development if you continue at the current pace.

Graph data is calculated daily, and is based on the activity in the release until the current point.

  • Add the Release Forecast graph to your Dashboard from the Release gallery.
  • Click on legend items to add or remove content from the graph.
  • Hover over spots in the graph to view more details.

The graph contains the following elements:

Release Scope (dark purple line)

The total number of story points estimated for the release's backlog items at the end of any given day in the release.

The value can change as items are added to– or removed from– the release plan.

Changes in scope are highlighted by diagonal lines in the graph, indicating additional items planned on the given day.

Planned Velocity (light purple line)

A guide as to the amount of work that should be completed for all teams, by a specified day in the release.

This line is based on the Expected Velocities for all teams in the sprints.

Done (green line)

Backlog items marked as Done by the current date.

Forecast (dotted line):

  • green if release is ahead
  • red if release is in delay

The forecasted progress until the teams complete the currently planned content, based on the settings configured.

This line can change as user stories or defects are added to– or removed from– the sprint plan.

Today (light red vertical line) Marks the current day in the release.
Planned End (light red vertical line)

Marks the scheduled end of the release.

Time Scale

Work days and sprints in the release.

Each point on the X-Axis represents the end of the indicated day or sprint, and Y-Axis values are the values for the end of that day or sprint.

The origin represents the beginning of the first day of the release.

Click to view

Release ahead of plan

Release in delay

Note: When working in Internet Explorer, the Release Forecast graph is supported only in versions 10 and higher.

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Search in release and team filters in planning panes

We added a search bar to the filters for the release planning panes on the Product Backlog tabs (including Themes, Features, and Backlog), and to the team planning pane on the Release Backlog tab.

At the top of the planning panes, we indicate the number of releases or teams currently displayed, as well as the total existing. Click the Releases or Teams link to select the items you want to display in the bucket panel.

If you have many releases or teams, you can now also enter text in the search bar to filter the items listed.

Note: Items that are filtered out can still be selected in the background. The filter only affects the items displayed, and does not affect any selections.

Click to view sample screenshots:

Release planning pane

Release planning pane with search

Team planning pane

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Drag icon for re-sizable Description edit boxes

We added a drag-to-expand icon in the lower-right corner of the Description edit box, under the Cancel button, to show you exactly where to click to re-size the edit box.

You can find these re-sizable Description edit boxes on any Details view page, whether for a theme, feature, user story, defect, or release.

Click to view a sample screenshot:

See also: Details view

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New versions of ALI plugins for Eclipse and Visual Studio

Updates include:

  • Support for IBM RAD platforms
  • Support for ALM 12.20

Download the updated versions here: Eclipse | Visual Studio

See alsoALI development plug-ins

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