What's New – Agile Manager 2.50

The following features were introduced or enhanced in Agile Manager 2.50:

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Feature board fully supported

The feature board is now available under Product Backlog.

Hover over the link on a feature card to view a summary of feature details.

If a feature's status is not set, it is not displayed on the feature board. To add features to the board:

  1. Click Add from Product Backlog.

    The dialog box that opens displays only features whose Feature Status is not set.

  2. Select features to add the board.

    The selected features are set to the default status and added to the board.

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Custom field enhancements

  • Move site-level custom fields to specific workspaces.

    On the Site > Fields page, select a site-level custom field. Click Move to Workspace and select the relevant workspaces. For more details, see Manage custom fields.

  • You can now sort custom field values alphabetically.

    When you define the list of possible values for a custom list field, click Sort A-Z to sort the values automatically.

  • Custom Memo fields are now supported.

    On the Site > Fields configuration page, you can define up to three site-level custom fields of type Memo per entity type.

    Memo fields support rich text editing, and are available in the entity details view.

    When synchronizing data with ALM, you can now include memo fields as well.

    Memo fields cannot be required fields.

    For more details, see Manage custom fields.

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Changes recorded for additional fields

When you View change history, you can now view changes that were made to the following fields:

  • Defect Status
  • Closed on Date
  • Feature Status

Note: The history will include only changes performed on Agile Manager 2.50 or later.

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