What's New – Agile Manager 2.51

Agile Manager 2.51 introduces the Scope Change report.

Scope Change Report

As a release or team manager, you can monitor changes in sprint content per team. You can use this information to improve your sprint plans, and to track the progress of your release content.

  • When a team’s sprint plan is complete, set the sprint baseline for this team. Click in the Sprint Backlog or in a team bucket in the Release Backlog.
  • After the sprint ends, export a Scope Change report to Excel. Click in the Sprint Closure.

For details, see Sprint Scope Change report.

In the Sprint Closure tab, the Backlog Planning and Delivery widget now displays columns for user stories rolled out, split, or broken during a sprint. This is in addition to the existing Planned and Added columns.

Note: Scope Change reports are not available for sprints that ended before Agile Manager 2.51. If your system was upgraded to 2.51 after the second day of the sprint, you will have to manually set the sprint baseline.

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