What's New – Agile Manager 2.52

The following features were introduced or enhanced in Agile Manager 2.52:

  • Print Storyboard cards.

    On the Storyboard, use the new Print button to print the Storyboard cards. All of the cards included in the current filter are printed. For environmental reasons, we print the cards in black on a clear background.

    Tip: You may want to use different color notes for user stories and defects. Filter your Storyboard to display either user stories or defects. Print the cards for each type separately using paper in different colors.

    When you print Storyboard cards:

    • Set your print orientation/layout to Landscape.

    • If you use Internet Explorer, select the Page Setup Print Background Colors and Images option.

  • Drag Feature Board cards to modify their rank order.

    If you configure WSJF settings in your workspace, the order of the items on the Feature Board is determined by their overall WSJF score. Otherwise, the items are sorted by rank, which you can modify by dragging cards on the board.

  • Use higher values in theme and feature WSJF fields that are used to calculate the Cost of Delay.

    In theme and feature details, you can now use additional values in the CoD components: WSJF Business Value, WSJF RR | OE, WSJF Time Criticality. You can now use 40 and 100 as values for these fields, in addition to the Fibonacci scale values that were previously.

  • Workspace administrators:  Allow Team Members to share dashboard widgets and favorites that they create.

    On the Workspace > Settings configuration page, select Allow Team members to publish Dashboard widgets and favorites. This sets permissions to allow Team Members to save new dashboard widgets and favorites as Public.

    By default, this option is cleared and team members can save widgets and favorites as Private, for their own use only.

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