What's New – Agile Manager 2.53

The following features were introduced or enhanced in Agile Manager 2.53:

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Print your Feature Board cards

On the Feature Board, use the new Print button to print the cards from the board. All of the cards included in the current filter are printed. For environmental reasons, we print the cards in black on a clear background.

Tip: You may want to use different color notes for different types of features. Filter your Feature Board to display one type of features. Print the cards for each type separately using paper in different colors.

When you print Feature Board cards:

  • Set your print orientation/layout to Landscape.

  • If you use Internet Explorer, select the Page Setup Print Background Colors and Images option.

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Storyboard enhancements

  • Storyboard cards are now colored according to feature or assigned user.

    Configure whether the color bars on the cards represent the backlog items' features or their assigned users. Click Board Settings > Card Color, and select the field to use for coloring, if any.

    On the board, hover over a card's color bar to see the value represented by the color.

  • Storyboard cells open with the cards collapsed if the cells contain too many cards.

    Specify a threshold for collapsing cards in a cell. If the number of cards in a cell exceeds this number, the cards are hidden and replaced by an expand button. Click the button in a cell to expand its content and view all its cards.

    Click Board Settings > Collapsed No. and select a number of cards for the threshold.

  • The Storyboard cards now display the backlog item ID so you can track items more easily.

  • When you print Storyboard cards, the cards now include additional fields: Release, Feature, and Team.

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Edit or delete public dashboard favorites you created

If you are a Team Member and you saved a dashboard favorite as a public, you can now edit and delete this favorite.

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API Enhancements

In the API, theme and feature entity fields now include the rank and applications fields.

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