What's New – Agile Manager 2.55

This topic describes the features that were introduced or enhanced in Agile Manager 2.55:

  • Disable uploading attachment files (workspace administrator)

    In the Workspace > Settings > Preferences tab, workspace administrators can select disable uploading attachments. This prevents users from attaching files to Agile Manager items in this workspace. Users can still add URL attachments.

  • Manage acceptance tests using the Agile Manager API

    We added a new acceptance_test resource to the API.

    Backlog items retrieved using the API now include information about the number of passed, failed, and pending acceptance tests they contain.

  • View more history

    When you View change history, you can now view changes that were made to custom Memo fields and to the Application field in themes and features, in addition to user stories.

    The history will include only changes performed on Agile Manager 2.55 or later.

  • API enhancement

    Backlog items retrieved via API now include a new item_id field. Use this number to find a defect or user story in Agile Manager by ID.

  • NextGen Synchronizer

    This Agile Manager version includes a new version of the Integration Bridge, and supports synchronizing with ALM 12.53 using NextGen Synchronizer.

    Any existing bridges are automatically upgraded to the new version.

  • ALI supports new versions

    • ALI now supports Java 8 SDK.

    • ALI now supports TFS 2015. When configuring ALI for your release, you can define TFS 2015 as your SCM provider or build server.

      TFS 2012 is no longer supported as an SCM repository.

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