What's New – Agile Manager 2.57

This topic describes the features that were introduced or enhanced in Agile Manager 2.57.

Backlog enhancements

  • Group stories linked to their children.

    When you break a user story, the group story created is linked to its children.

    Only group stories created in March 2017 or later will be linked to their children. 

  • 'Done on date' indication for user stories.

    Similar to defects' Closed on date field, user stories now have a Done on date field specifying when their status was updated to Done. This field is available in user story grids and via API.

  • Add Item dialog box improvements

    The Add Item dialog box can now include up to 25 fields (instead of 15).

    The Add Item dialog box now includes the Sprint field. Users are not required to enter a sprint. (Available since December 2017)

  • View Lane column in backlog grids

    You can now add a Read Only Lane column in the Release Backlog and Product Backlog. You can sort and group the display according to lane. (Available since October 2017)

  • Storyboard and Task Board enhancements

    Cards on the Storyboard can now be colored according to theme.

    On the Task Board, you can now view a task’s history. Right-click a task and select Show History.

    (Available since October 2017)

  • Feature assignment notifications

    If configured, users are now notified when features are assigned to them. Previously, such notifications were available only for backlog items. (Available since December 2017)

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Integration updates

  • ALI: The CloudBees folders plug-in is now supported. If you create folders on Jenkins using this plug-in, Agile Manager recognizes these folders.

  • NextGen Synchronizer: ALM 14.00 (SaaS version) and ALM 12.55 are now supported.

    Communication with ALM 14.00 requires authentication by an Identity Provider (IdP).

    If you are synchronizing Agile Manager with ALM 14 (SaaS version), you must make a small adjustment to your Integration Bridge installation. For details, see Configure the authentication type for ALM SSO connections.

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API enhancements

  • You can now retrieve history for themes, features, backlog items, and tasks.

    To retrieve history for a specific entity, add an audits parameter to the call you would use to retrieve the entity.

    For example, to retrieve history for a user story: 


  • A new unique resource, custom_fields, helps match custom field names to their API names. For details, see the API Interactive Help.

  • Like backlog items, theme and feature entities now include comments, as well as an indication if they are archived.

  • Tasks and acceptance tests include their Modified date.

  • A new API unique resource, kanban_statuses, returns Kanban Statuses according to team ID. (Available since October 2017)

    For each status, the status ID, name, and the mapped backlog item status are returned.

    For example, you can use this resource to get the Kanban status name for the Kanban status ID that was returned for a backlog item.

  • A new API unique resource, action_items, returns sprint closure action items. (Available since October 2017)

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