ALM Custom Test Type Developer Guide
Calculating the MD5 Checksum

There are many tools available to calculate an MD5 checksum. You can find them by searching the Web for "MD5 checksum". This example uses Apache Ant. OpenText does not recommend Ant in preference to other tools. The example is intended as an illustration of one way to accomplish the task.

Ant has a Core Task called Checksum that can be used to generate the MD5 checksum for a file. For example, to generate the MD5 for C:\temp\test_type.ini file create build.xml with this content:

<project name="GenerateMD5" default="MD5"  >
    <target name="MD5">
      <checksum file="C:\temp\test_type.ini"/>

When you run build.xml with ANT, the MD5 checksum of C:\temp\test_type.ini will be generated and written to C:\temp\test_type.ini.MD5.

For an example of the use of the MD5, see the Sample INI file in Deploy the Test Type and Remote Agent.

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