ALM Custom Test Type Developer Guide
Implement Versioning

Code for Versioning

Custom tests that change ALM entities that are subject to versioning must check in and out when changing the entities affected.  Use TDAPIOLELib.IVersionControl.CheckOut and CheckIn. For more information, see the Open Test Architecture Reference.

To support pinning a test set to a version, implement the run Method so that it acquires the OTA Test reference from the TSTest. The Test reference returned by the TSTest.Test property is the correct pinned version.

Configure Support for Versioning and Baselining

To enable the versioning and baseline functionality,  provide a configuration file. The file provides meta-data for versioning and baseline-related operations on the custom test. Legacy test type applications will run without adding this file. However, we strongly recommend that you add this file to your application to improve performance and reduce storage requirements.

No code changes are required to support Baselining beyond providing this configuration file.

Place the versioning configuration file on the Application Lifecycle Management server at \sa\DomsInfo\MetaData\TEST\.