IRemoteAgent Interface
Handles communication between ALM and the testing tool.
public interface IRemoteAgent 
The remote agent is responsible for control of the testing tool and returning status and results to ALM. The remote agent resides on the host machine with the testing tool and uses the DCOM protocol to communicate over the network with the host machine on which ALM resides.
Your remote agent class implements the methods of this interface to enable ALM to use your testing tool.
Your implementation can use the ALM Open Test Architecture API to write results and other data to ALM.
Public Methods
Methodget_statusGets the current status of the testing tool.  
Methodis_host_readyChecks if the testing tool application can be run.  
MethodrunStarts the test run.  
Methodset_valueSets the value of a run parameter.  
MethodstopInstructs the testing tool to terminate the test that is currently running.