Standard Headers
Accept-EncodingRestricts the content-codings that are acceptable in the response.
AcceptThe media types acceptable for the response. Most resources return application/json.
Content-EncodingAdditional content codings applied to the entity-body. Return encodings are a sub-list of the codings specified in the Accept-Encoding request header
Content-TypeThe media type of the entity-body sent to the server. Most resources use application/json.
Return media types must be a sub-list of the media types specified in the Accept request header.
DateThe date and time when the message was sent.
HostThe host and port number of the resource being requested.
An authentication tokenSee Authenticate.
ServerThe software used by the server to handle the request.
User-AgentTo initiate an authentication process, use the value idm-client-sdk.
ViaThe proxy or gateway software that forwarded the request to the server.
WWW-AuthenticateThe authentication challenges required from the HTTP user-agent.

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