These are the application exceptions returned by the REST-based API. Other exceptions may be returned from ALM.

Exception IDDescription
qccore.bulk-operation-failedA bulk operation failed, wholly or in part. See Bulk operations.
qccore.check-in-failureCheck-in operation failed.
qccore.check-out-failureCheck-out operation failed.
qccore.entity-not-foundAttempt to access resource that does not exist. For example, querying an entity ID that does not exist in the project.
qccore.general-errorThe default error thrown on any failure where a specific error cause cannot be identified
qccore.invalid-filter-expressionError in filter. Common problems are syntax error, invalid logical names, cross-filter where relation does not exist, filter data not in list linked to field. Other errors are possible.

Use of a value where the field values are limited to a project list, and the supplied value is not in the list. For example, attempt to set a defect status to "Dismissed" in a project where "Dismissed" is not a member of the status list.

qccore.invalid-value-type-for-fieldWrong value type for a field. For example, use of a string in an integer field.
qccore.lock-failureEntity may already be locked. Other failure reasons are possible.
qccore.operation-forbiddenThe logged-on user does not have privileges to perform the action.
qccore.required-field-missingA POST operation failed because data was not passed for a required field.
qccore.session-has-expiredSession expired. See Session Management
qccore.undo-check-out-failureFailure cancelling check-out.
qccore.unknown-field-nameAt least one of the logical field names passed is not defined for the entity.

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