Read an Entity

An entity is a complete functional unit of information. Examples of entities are a defect,  a requirement, a test, a run, and a folder. The properties of an entity are presented by data in XML format that conforms to the Entity Schema, or in JSON format.

For multi-value fields, the values have format:
<Field Name="user-01">
    <Value>Alpha 1</Value>
    <Value>Delta 1</Value>
    <Value>Epsilon 1</Value>

Entities are members of collections. Collections are represented by data in XML format that conforms to the Entities Collection Schema, or in JSON strings.

The resource for an entity is accessed by the URL for the entity collection with the entity ID appended.

For example, the defect collection resource is at:

An individual defect resource is at: /qcbin/rest/domains/{domain}/projects/{project}/defects/23 where 23 is the defect ID.

The JSON format consists of a Fields object containing an array of field values, and a Type value containing the entity type.