Available for: ALM 24.1 and later

The following table lists REST APIs that are used to get project lists in use and customize project lists.

GET /qcbin/v2/rest/domains/{domain}/projects/{project}/customization/used-lists

Gets project lists in use.

Alternatively, you can use used-lists Collection.

GET /qcbin/v2/rest/domains/{domain}/projects/{project}/customization/used-lists/{list-id}Gets details of a project list.
POST /qcbin/v2/rest/domains/{domain}/projects/{project}/customization/used-lists/{list-id}/itemsAdds an item to a project list.
PUT /qcbin/v2/rest/domains/{domain}/projects/{project}/customization/used-lists/{list-id}/items/{item-id}Renames an item of a project list.
POST /qcbin/v2/rest/domains/{domain}/projects/{project}/customization/used-lists/{list-id}/items/{item-id}Adds a sub-item to an item of a project list.
DELETE /qcbin/v2/rest/domains/{domain}/projects/{project}/customization/used-lists/{list-id}/items/{item-id}Deletes an item of a project list.

For details about these APIs, see the Swagger-powered help embedded in the product.

To access the help:

  1. From the ALM qcbin page (http://<ALM server>:<port number>/qcbin/), click the Tools link.

  2. At the bottom of the ALM Tools page, click the ALM Project REST API Reference link.