Command Object Members
Public Methods
Public Method AddParam Adds new parameter to Command object.
Public Method Cancel Cancels execution of the ExecuteQuery command.
Public Method DeleteParam Deletes the specified parameter from Command object.
Public Method DeleteParams Deletes all parameters from Command object.
Public Method Execute Executes the command in the CommandText property.
Public Properties
Public Property AffectedRows The number of table rows that were affected by the command.
Public Property CommandText The text of the command.
Public Property Count Number of parameters in current command.
Public Property IndexFields A comma-separated list of index fields for a SELECT command.
Public Property ParamIndex The parameter index by parameter name.
Public Property ParamName The parameter name by parameter index. The index is 0-based.
Public Property ParamType The data type of the specified parameter. The index is 0-based.
Public Property ParamValue The parameter value.
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