Component Object Members
Public Methods
Public Method BusinessProcesses The list of associated BusinessProcess objects.
Public Method DeletePicture Deletes the snapshot.
Public Method Download Downloads an asset and its related assets.
Public Method HasDependencies Returns asset relation dependencies status.
Public Method LockObject Locks the object. Returns True if the object has been changed on the server.
Public Method Post Posts all changed values into database.
Public Method Refresh Reads saved values, overwriting values in memory.
Public Method SetStepsData For backward compatibility with versions prior to 9.0. Wrap component's step in HTML format.
Public Method Undo Undoes changes to field values that have not been posted.
Public Method UnLockObject Unlocks the object.
Public Method UploadSnapshot Saves the component snapshot. The snapshot file name must be 'Picture.png'.
Public Properties
Public Property ApplicationAreaID The Component's linked application area ID.
Public Property AssetRelationFactory The asset's AssetRelationsFactory object.
Public Property AssetRepositoryItemFactory The asset's AssetRepositoryItemFactory object.
Public Property Attachments The Attachments property is not implemented for the Component object or for any IComponent* interface.
Public Property AutoPost If true, the database is updated immediately when the field value changes.
Public Property AutoUnlock Indicates whether to make the item changeable to other users automatically after a Refresh or Post.
Public Property ComponentParamFactory The component parameter factory.
Public Property ComponentStepFactory The ComponentStepFactory for this component.
Public Property ContainsBrokenRelation Returns true if the object is linked to an asset but the asset does not exist.
Public Property EntitySubtype The current subtype of the entity.
Public Property ExtendedStorage The ExtendedStorage object for this component.
Public Property FacetFactory The FacetFactory for this component.
Public Property Field The value of the specified field.
Public Property FieldMultiValue The MultiValue object of the specified field.
Public Property Folder The component's folder.
Public Property HasAttachment Checks if the object has one or more attachments.
Public Property HasPicture Indicates if the component has a snapshot.
Public Property HasScript Checks if the component is associated with a test script.
Public Property ID The item ID.
Public Property IsIteratable For backward compatibility with versions prior to 9.0.
Public Property IsLocked Checks if object is locked for editing.
Public Property IsLockedByOtherSession Returns true when object is locked by another user session.
Public Property IsObsolete Checks if the component has been marked deleted by a user but is still in use in a test.
Public Property Modified Checks if the item has been modified since last refresh or post operation. If true, the field properties on the server side are not up to date.
Public Property Name The Component's name.
Public Property ScriptType The test script type.
Public Property TypeName The field's type.
Public Property UsedBy Returns the list of relations to assets that are using this asset or that are using user assets owned by this asset.
Public Property UserAssetFactory The asset's UserAssetFactory object.
Public Property Using Returns the list of relations to assets used by this asset or by user assets owned by this asset.
Public Property Virtual Checks if this is a virtual item, that is, an item that does not have a corresponding database record.
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