Get user's custom settings
Public Sub GetSettingsValues()

' Get the logged on user's settings

    Dim aSet As Settings
    Dim setItems As List
    Dim aSetItem
    Dim ItemName As String
    Dim aField As TDField
    Dim fieldList As List

' Get the Settings object for the logged-on user
' with TDConnection.UserSettings.
    Set aSet = tdc.UserSettings
' Get the list of all the setting items.
    Set setItems = aSet.EnumItems
' Print the list of setting items.
    For Each aSetItem In setItems
        ItemName = aSetItem
        Debug.Print aSetItem
        Debug.Print "-----------------------"
        Debug.Print aSet.value(ItemName)
        Debug.Print "======================="
    Next aSetItem

End Sub