Accessing members of additional implemented interfaces
Sub GetAdditionalInterface()
' Accessing members of Additional Implemented Interfaces
'This example shows how to access the members of
' additional implemented interfaces from the implementing object.
'This example uses the Bug object and the IFollowUpManager interface,
' but the technique applies to all objects that implement
' additional interfaces.

    Dim aFollowUp As IFollowUpManager
    Dim aBug As Bug
    Dim aList As List
' Get a bug object at random.
    'tdc is the global TDConnection object.
    Set aList = tdc.BugFactory.NewList("")
    Set aBug = aList(0)
'Cast the Bug object to the type of
' the implemented interface, in this
' case, IFollowUpManager.
    Set aFollowUp = aBug
'Call a method of the implemented interface
    Debug.Print aFollowUp.HasFollowUp

End Sub