Condition Object
Represents a condition for a test to be executed.

Conditions are used to define dependencies between TSTests in the test set execution flow. They define when a particular test instance can be executed. The Source is a condition that must be fulfilled. The Target is a TSTest object.
If the execution condition is not based on time, the source is a TSTest which must run before the Target. The Target test instance either runs or does not run based on the result of the test: passed or failed.

Changes for the condition are saved in the project after calling the Save method of the ConditionFactory Object.

Get a Condition object from the ConditionFactory using AddItem, NewList, or Item.

Implemented InterfaceDescription
IBaseField2Represents a basic data field or entity, such as an attachment.
IBaseField3Represents a basic data field or entity, such as an attachment.
IBaseField4Represents a basic data field or entity, such as an attachment.
Public Methods
Public Method PostWrites all changed values to database.
Public Properties
Public Property AutoUnlockIndicates whether to make the item changeable to other users automatically after a Refresh or Post.
Public Property DescriptionThe Condition description.
Public Property FieldMultiValueThe MultiValue object of the specified field.
Public Property IDThe Condition ID.
Public Property SourceFor a run condition, the source condition ID. For a time condition, a date-time string.
Public Property TargetThe target test instance number of the condition.
Public Property TypeNameThe field's type.
Public Property ValueThe Condition status value.
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