ConnectionSettings Object
WebGate connection settings.
Contains getters and setters for the connection settings that can be set with the WebGate Customization tool.
Use to pre-configure OTA connections.
Implemented Interface Description
IConnectionSettings IConnectionSettings interface
ConnectionSettings cs = new ConnectionSettings(); 
cs.ExecutionMode =  
cs.BasicAuthHeaderMode = 
cs.SetWebServerCredentials("login", "pass");  

// import to OTA Connection      
TDConnection otaConnection = new TDConnection();      

// connect to ALM server
otaConnection.InitConnection("http://<server URL>/qcbin");
Public Methods
Public Method BypassProxy BypassProxy
Public Method CloneTo Get copy object
Public Method CloneTo2 Clone extended settings
Public Method GetCookie Get cookie
Public Method GetCurrentCertificateKeys Get client certificate keys (bytes of SerialNumber&Issuer)
Public Method GetProxy Set proxy settings
Public Method GetProxyCredentials Get proxy credentials
Public Method GetWebServerCredentials Get server credentials
Public Method SetCookie Set cookie
Public Method SetCurrentCertificateKeys Set client certificate keys (bytes of SerialNumber&Issuer)
Public Method SetProxy Set proxy settings
Public Method SetProxyCredentials Set proxy credentials
Public Method SetWebServerCredentials Set server settings
Public Method UseSystemProxy Use system default proxy
Public Properties
Public Property AutologonSecurityPolicy Get security policy.
Public Property BasicAuthHeaderMode Set force auth header param
Public Property ClientCert Set client certificate, the parameter should be valid CERT_CONTEXT structure.
Public Property ConnectionTimeout Connection timeout.
Public Property CurrentProxyMode Proxy mode.
Public Property EnabledSecureProtocols Get enabled secure protocols.
Public Property ExecutionMode Set execution mode
Public Property ForceAddBasicAuthHeader Set force add basic auth header param.
Public Property SecurityIgnoreFlags Get connection security flags.
Public Property UseDefaultUserAgent Get 'Use default user agent' flag.
Public Property UseInstanceCache Use instance cache of settings storages
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