Add a member to a list
Private Function AddItemToList(ListName As String, ItemName As String) _
    As CustomizationListNode
'Add a member to a list

Dim oCustomization As Customization
Dim myList As CustomizationList
Dim listRoot As CustomizationListNode
Dim newListItem As CustomizationListNode
Dim CLists As CustomizationLists

'This routine adds a new value to a project list.
'It works both with the lists provided with Quality Center
'and with lists added by users.
On Error GoTo AddItemToListErr
  Set oCustomization = tdc.Customization
  Set CLists = oCustomization.Lists
  Set myList = CLists.List(ListName)

  Set listRoot = myList.RootNode
  Set newListItem = listRoot.AddChild(ItemName)

  Set AddItemToList = newListItem

Exit Function

    Set AddItemToList = Nothing
End Function