Grant group permissions for an action
Public Sub GrantGroupPermissions()

' Grant Group permissions for an action
    Dim CustObj As TDAPIOLELib.Customization
    Dim allActions As CustomizationActions
    Dim action As CustomizationAction
    Dim UserGroups As List
    Dim grp As CustomizationUsersGroup
    Set CustObj = tdc.Customization
    Set allActions = CustObj.Actions
    Set action = allActions.action("ac_modify_run")
    Set UserGroups = action.Groups
    For Each grp In UserGroups
        Debug.Print TypeName(grp),
    Next grp
    action.AddGroup "NetworkSupport"
    'After a Commit, dispose of the objects
    ' and recreate them before using
    ' the Customization object again.
    'In this example, the objects drop
    ' out of scope after the commit, which
    ' is equivalent to disposing of them.
End Sub