Add a site user
Public Sub AddSiteUser()

' Add a site user
    Dim custom As Customization
    Dim Users As CustomizationUsers
    Dim UGroups As CustomizationUsersGroups
    Dim UGrp As CustomizationUsersGroup
    Set custom = tdc.Customization
    Set Users = custom.Users
    'Get the group to which the new user will belong.
    Set UGroups = custom.UsersGroups
    Set UGrp = UGroups.Group("Developer")
    ' Create the user.
    Users.AddSiteUser "Lancelot", _
        "Lancelot DuLac", "", _
        "From far-off France I hear your call", _
        "(215)PA-6-5000", UGrp
    Debug.Print Users.UserExistsInSite("Lancelot")
    Debug.Print Users.Users.Count ' Get before and after adding to project.
    ' Add to current project.
    Users.AddUser ("Lancelot")
    ' Count is one more than before. Only project users
    ' are returned from Customization.Users.Count.
    Debug.Print Users.Users.Count
    ' Check the new user's attributes.
    Dim usr As CustomizationUser

    Set usr = Users.User("Lancelot")
    With usr
       Debug.Print .name, .Phone, .Email
    End With
End Sub