Add a field to a requirement type
Private Sub AddFieldToRequirementType()
' Add a field to a requirement type

    Dim oCustomization As TDAPIOLELib.Customization
    Dim CustTypes As CustomizationTypes
    Dim ReqType As CustomizationReqType
    Dim TypedField As CustomizationTypedField
    Set oCustomization = tdc.Customization
    Set CustTypes = oCustomization.Types
    'The ID, 104, comes from the REQ_TYPE table.
    Set ReqType = _  
        CustTypes.GetEntityCustomizationType(tagTDAPI_ENTITIES.ENTITY_REQUIREMENT, 104)
    Set TypedField = ReqType.AddField("RQ_USER_02")
    TypedField.IsRequired = True
End Sub