Miscellaneous Examples

Alerts and Follow-ups

Follow-up flags for defect

Create an alert on a defect

List Alerts

Delete alerts by ID numbers

Create, copy, edit, and delete an entity 

New requirement

Delete a requirement

Copy and paste a defect

Copy a test, including design steps and parameters

Copy and paste a requirement

Lock and unlock a test


Get requirement and test coverage fields

Using group-by fields

Check for valid values of fields

Multiple field values

Search for matching string

Get the list of fields in a table and compare TDField properties and FieldProperty properties

Global actions and information

Simple connect and disconnect

Connection example showing behavior of properties

Disconnection example showing behavior of properties

Handling OLE Errors

Accessing members of additional implemented interfaces

Getting and setting host properties

List the names of the projects in a domain

Add an existing site user to the connected project

List the users for a connection

Get project properties

Get the major and minor version of the OTA add-on

Get license descriptions

Show license status


Mail a defect

Get CustomizationMailConditions

Send a simple email between users

Add attachments to a defect and mail them

User settings and favorites

Favorites examples

Editing custom settings

Get user's custom settings

Save user-entered data in settings