Link a defect to a run test step
Private Function LinkBugToStep() As Boolean
 ' Link a defect to a run test step

    Dim linkF As LinkFactory
    Dim thelink As Link
    Dim linkableStep As ILinkable
    Dim BugF As BugFactory
    Dim Bug As Bug
    Dim stepsList As List
    Dim RunF As RunFactory
    Dim run1 As Run
    Set RunF = tdc.RunFactory
    Set run1 = RunF.Item(71)
    Dim StepF As StepFactory
    Dim step1 As Step
    Dim aFilter As TDFilter
    Dim StepList As List
    Set StepF = run1.StepFactory
    Set aFilter = StepF.Filter
    Set stepsList = aFilter.NewList
    Set step1 = stepsList.Item(1)
    Set BugF = tdc.BugFactory
    Set Bug = BugF.Item(26)
    Set linkableStep = step1
    Set linkF = linkableStep.BugLinkFactory
    Set thelink = linkF.AddItem(Bug)
    LinkBugToStep = SUCCESS
Exit Function
    LinkBugToStep = FAILURE
End Function

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