Link a defect to a requirement
Public Function LinkBugToReq(aBug As Bug, aReq As Req, _      
  Optional theLinkType = "Related") As ILink
' Link a defect to a requirement
  Dim linkableReq As ILinkable
  Dim bToRLink As Link
  Dim BugLinkF As LinkFactory
  On Error GoTo FUNC_ERR
  Set linkableReq = aReq
  Set BugLinkF = linkableReq.BugLinkFactory
  Set bToRLink = BugLinkF.AddItem(aBug)
  bToRLink.LinkType = theLinkType ' "Related"
  Set LinkBugToReq = bToRLink
Exit Function
  Set LinkBugToReq = Nothing
End Function

Defect to defect links