CustomizationRBTQuestion Object
A Business Criticality or failure probability criterion, used to assess a risk.

Get a CustomizationRBTQuestion object from methods and properties of the CustomizationRBT Object.


If a CustomizationRBTQuestion is created, the change must be committed with Customization.Commit or explicitly rolled back with Customization.Rollback

Releasing the references to the Customization, CustomizationRBT, or CustomizationRBTQuestion does not necessarily delete all record of the transaction. Future attempts to work with the objects may result in exceptions on duplicate criteria, or criteria with no values.

Public Methods
Public Method AddAnswerAdds a new possible value. Returns the new value as a CustomizationRBTAnswer object.
Public Method DeleteAnswerDeletes a possible value specified by ID.
Public Properties
Public Property AnswerByIDReturns the specified value.
Public Property AnswersThe IList of CustomizationRBTAnswer objects of all possible values for this criterion, ordered by weight.
Public Property IDThe CustomizationRBTQuestion unique ID.
Public Property QuestionDescriptionThe criterion's description.
Public Property QuestionOrderThe (non unique) criterion's order of display in UI.
Public Property QuestionTextThe criterion's text.
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