Set target releases for requirement
Public Sub SetGetReleases()

' Set target releases for requirement

'To set Target Cycles to Requirement, use requirement field RQ_TARGET_RCYC.

    Dim rFactory As ReqFactory
    Dim requirement As Req
    Dim rel As Release
    Dim outlistOfReleases As List
    Dim strReleasesNames As String
    Dim requirementId As Long, listOfReleases As List

    ' listOfReleases can be a list of release IDs or a list of Release objects.
    Set listOfReleases = New List
    listOfReleases.Add (2)
    listOfReleases.Add (3)
    listOfReleases.Add (4)
    requirementId = 9
    Set rFactory = tdc.ReqFactory
    Set requirement = rFactory.Item(requirementId)
    ' Set the target releases of this requirement.
    requirement.Field("RQ_TARGET_REL") = listOfReleases
    ' Retrieve the releases.
    Set outlistOfReleases = requirement.Field("RQ_TARGET_REL")
    strReleasesNames = "Releases are: "
    For Each rel In outlistOfReleases
        strReleasesNames = strReleasesNames & rel.Name & ", "
    MsgBox strReleasesNames
End Sub