New requirement
Public Function NewRequirement(reqF As ReqFactory, _
    ReqParentID As Long, ReqName As String, _
    ReqComment As String, _
    ReqPriority As String, _
    Optional ReqProduct As String) As Req

' Create a new requirement
On Error GoTo ErrH
    Dim newR As Req
    Set newR = reqF.AddItem(Null)
    With newR
        .ParentId = ReqParentID
        .name = ReqName
        .comment = ReqComment
        .Priority = ReqPriority
        If Not IsMissing(ReqProduct) Then .Product = ReqProduct
    End With
    Set NewRequirement = newR
Exit Function
    On Error Resume Next
    Set NewRequirement = Null
End Function