CustomizationUser Object Members
Public Methods
Public Method AddToGroupAdds this user to the specified user group.
Public Method GroupsListThe names of all the user groups to which this user belongs.
Public Method RemoveFromGroupRemoves this user from the specified user group.
Public Properties
Public Property AddressA text field that can be used to record user information as appropriate for the project.
Public Property DeletedIf true, this user is marked for deletion, but the deletion is not yet committed.
Public Property DomainAuthenticationThe user credentials for LDAP authentication.
Public Property EmailThe user's e-mail address.
Public Property ExpirationDateGets the user expiration date.
Public Property FullNameThe user's full name.
Public Property In_GroupDeprecated. Use InGroup, which uses better error handling.
Public Property InGroupIndicates if this user is a member of the specified group.
Public Property IsActiveIndicates whether the user is active or not.
Public Property NameA unique name by which to identify this user.
Public Property PasswordSets the user's password.
Public Property PhoneThe user's telephone number.
Public Property UpdatedIndicates if the user's data was updated since the last synchronization with the server.
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