Cover a requirement with selected tests in a folder
Public Sub AddCoverageByFilter()

' Cover a requirement with selected tests in a folder

    Dim SubjectID As Variant
    Dim TestFact As TestFactory
    Dim testFilter As TDFilter
    Dim aReq As Req
    On Error GoTo AddCoverageByFilterErr

' Get the requirement to be covered.
    Dim reqPath$
    reqPath = "Mercury Tours Application" _
        & "\Online Travel Booking Services" _
        & "\Products/Services On Sale" _
        & "\Tours/Cruises"
    ' For the code of GetReqByPath, see example
    ' "Find a specified requirement in a specified folder"
    Set aReq = GetReqByPath(reqPath)
' Define the test filter:
' Tests in Design Status whose
' names begin with "Demo".
    'tdc is the global TDConnection object.
    Set TestFact = tdc.TestFactory
    Set testFilter = TestFact.Filter
    testFilter.Filter("TS_NAME") = "demo*"
    testFilter.Filter("TS_STATUS") = "Design"
' Get the test subject node under which
'   to look for the "Demo*" tests.
    Dim SubjNode As SubjectNode, sPath$
    sPath = "OTA_DEMO_SUBJECT" _
        & "\OTA_SUBJECT_level1" _
        & "\OTA_SUB_1.2"
    ' For the code of GetSubjectNodeByPath, see example:
    ' "Getting a test subject node by the node path"
    Set SubjNode = GetSubjectNodeByPath(sPath)
    SubjectID = SubjNode.NodeID
' Use Req.AddCoverageByFilter to add all the
'   Demo* tests in the subject folder to
' the list of tests covering the requirement.
    aReq.AddCoverageByFilter _
        SubjectID, _

Exit Sub
End Sub