Create a test parameter
Private Function AddTestParameter( _

   ByRef tst As Test, _
   ByVal paramName As String, _
   ByVal desc As String) As TestParameter
' Create a test parameter
   ' Add a parameter to test.
   Dim parameter As TestParameter
   Dim testParamsFactory As TestParameterFactory
   Dim supportParamTest As ISupportTestParameters
   Dim tstv As IVersionedEntity
   Dim oVCS As IVCS
   On Error GoTo AddTestParameterErr
   ' Check out the test.
   Set tstv = tst
   Set oVCS = tstv.VC
   oVCS.CheckOut -1, "Sing for your supper", False, True
   ' Convert the test to support ISupportTestParameters.
   Set supportParamTest = tst
   Set testParamsFactory = supportParamTest.TestParameterFactory
   Set parameter = testParamsFactory.AddItem(Null)
   Set parameter = testParamsFactory.AddItem(Null) = paramName
   parameter.Description = desc
   parameter.Description = desc
   Set AddTestParameter = parameter

' Check in the test. oVCS.CheckIn "", "You'll get breakfast"
Exit Function
Set AddTestParameter = Nothing
End Function