Create a design step and populate parameters
Private Sub UpdateParameterValues(ByRef tst As Test, _
                            ByRef callToTest As Test)
' Create a design step and populate parameters
    ' This example creates a design step for the specified test, and
    ' then updates the actual values of the parameters connected from the called test.
    Dim DSFactory As IBaseFactory
    Dim desstep As IDesignStep
    Dim supportParamValuesDS As ISupportParameterValues
    Dim paramValueFct As IBaseFactory
    Dim param As IParameterValue
    Dim index As Integer
    Dim lst As List
    On Error GoTo funcerr
    ' Get the DesignStepFactory from the test.
    Set DSFactory = tst.DesignStepFactory

    ' Create the new design step.
    Set desstep = DSFactory.AddItem(Null)
    ' Link to test.
    desstep.LinkTest = callToTest

    ' Cast the DesignStep to ISupportParameterValues.
    Set supportParamValuesDS = desstep

    ' Go over the parameter values of the design step and update the ActualValue.
    Set paramValueFct = supportParamValuesDS.ParameterValueFactory
    Set lst = paramValueFct.NewList("")
    index = 1
    For Each param In lst
        With param
            .ActualValue = .name & index
            index = index + 1
        End With
    Next param

Exit Sub

  ErrHandler err, "UpdateParameterValues", "", NON_FATAL_ERROR
End Sub