Search for tests that match a search string
Private Function SearchForTests(SearchString As String) As List

' Search for tests that match a search string
    Dim TestSearchF As ISearchableFactory
    Dim SearchOpts As SearchOptions
    Dim tList As List
    Dim oneTest As Test
    Dim i, limit
    Dim tfact As TestFactory
    On Error GoTo ErrorHandler
    Set tfact = tdc.TestFactory
' Cast the TestFactory to get an ISearchableFactory reference.
    Set TestSearchF = tfact
    Set SearchOpts = TestSearchF.CreateSearchOptions
' Determing whether to search in test steps.
    SearchOpts.Property(SEARCH_IN_STEPS) = False
' Get the list of matches and output.
    Set tList = TestSearchF.Search(SearchString, SearchOpts)
    limit = 30
    If (tList.Count < limit) Then limit = tList.Count
    For i = 1 To limit
        Set oneTest = tList.Item(i)
        Debug.Print oneTest.ID & " - " &
    Next i
    Set SearchForTests = tList
Exit Function
     Set SearchForTests = Nothing
End Function