Copy a test, including design steps and parameters
Private Function CopyPasteTest(sourceFolderPath, destFolderPath, TestName) As Test

' Copy a test, including design steps and parameters
' For example:
'    CopyPasteTest "Subject\TestFolder1", "Subject\TestFolder2", "Test1"
'    Copies Test1 to TestFolder2

     Dim sourceFolder As SubjectNode
     Dim destFolder As SubjectNode
     Dim treeMng As TreeManager
     Dim testF As TestFactory
     Dim iscp As ISupportCopyPaste
     Dim clipboard As String
     Dim aFilter As TDFilter
     Dim TestsList As List
     Dim Test As Test
     On Error GoTo FUNC_ERR
     Set CopyPasteTest = Nothing
     Set treeMng = tdc.TreeManager
     Set sourceFolder = treeMng.NodeByPath(sourceFolderPath)
     Set testF = sourceFolder.TestFactory
     ' Find the test ID.
     Set aFilter = testF.Filter
     TestName = """" & TestName & """"
     aFilter.Filter("TS_NAME") = TestName
     Set TestsList = aFilter.NewList()
     Set Test = TestsList.Item(1)
     ' Copy the source test.
     Set iscp = testF
     clipboard = iscp.CopyToClipBoard(Test.ID, 0, "")
     ' Paste the test in the destination folder.
     Set destFolder = treeMng.NodeByPath(destFolderPath)
     Set testF = destFolder.TestFactory
     Set iscp = testF
     iscp.PasteFromClipBoard clipboard, _
                            destFolder.NodeID, _
                            COPY_PASTE_NO_LINKED_TEST_MODE, _
'Get the new test and return it
     Dim tFilter As TDFilter, tList As List
     Set tFilter = testF.Filter
     tFilter.Filter("TS_NAME") = TestName
     Set tList = tFilter.NewList
     Set CopyPasteTest = tList(1)

Exit Function
     Set CopyPasteTest = Nothing
End Function