ExtendedStorage Object
Represents the project repository.

There are several implementations of storage handlers. The Open Test Architecture infrastructure returns the handler object appropriate to the configuration of the servers and project on which the application is run.

The use of the handlers in your application is the same regardless of the implementation. Declare variables as type IExtendedStorage. 

Get a storage handler object from AttachmentFactory.AttachmentStorage, Run.ExtendedStorage, Attachment.AttachmentStorage, Test.ExtendedStorage, or TestFactory.RepositoryStorage.

Note that a storage handler object obtained from an object will not necessarily handle only items belonging to that object. For example, if you get a storage object from a test attachment and then download all attachments:

    Set TestAttachmentFactoryObj = aTestObject.Attachments
    Set TestAttachStorage = TestAttachmentFactoryObj.AttachmentStorage
    AttachDownLoadPath = TestAttachStorage.LoadEx("*.*", True, NullList, isFatalErr)

The result is to download all attachments in the project.

To avoid this, either specify a filter or use other methods. In the above example, you could replace the ExtendedStorage load with Attachment.Load.

The storage handler is also accessible from TDConnection.ExtendedStorage, but a reference obtained this way is disabled by the default security settings.

Public Methods
Public Method Cancel Cancels the load or save action.
Public Method Delete Deletes files locally or from the server.
Public Method GetLastError Gets the last error that occurred during asynchronous load and save operations.
Public Method Load Downloads the storage structure to the client file system.
Public Method LoadEx Downloads the storage structure to the client file system.
Public Method Progress Polls the progress of the last action (Load or Save).
Public Method Save Uploads the storage structure to the server.
Public Method SaveEx Uploads the storage structure to the server.
Public Properties
Public Property ActionFinished Checks if the load or save action is finished.
Public Property ClientPath The location on the client to which to download or from which to upload.
Public Property Root The storage root.
Public Property ServerPath Deprecated. The location on the server from which to download or to which to upload.
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