FactoryList Collection
Create and maintain lists within entity factories. Use any factory object to create any number of list instances for objects in the factory.

Get a FactoryList from Bug.FindSimilarBugs or HierarchyFilter.NewList.

The FactoryList caches data when created. To retrieve data that may have changed since the list was created, either dispose of the list and create a new one, or call Refresh before using the data.

Implemented InterfaceDescription
IList2Adds to the IList interface missing basic functionality.
Public Methods
Public Method AddAdds a new item to the current list object.
Public Method ClearRemoves all the items from the list.
Public Method CopyFromReplaces the current contents with the contents of the given source enumeration. Items are copied in chunks of 100 pieces each.
Public Method IndexOfItemGets the index of the passed object.
Public Method InsertInserts a new item at the specified position.
Public Method PostPosts changed data for all items in list.
Public Method RefreshReads saved list filter and data for all listed objects, overwriting values in memory.
Public Method RemoveRemoves the specified item from the current list object.
Public Method SwapSwaps the two list items specified by their positions.
Public Properties
Public Property _NewEnumGets an IEnumVARIANT enumerator. For information on the IEnumVARIANT, see Microsoft documentation.
Public Property CountThe number of items in the list.
Public Property FieldsGets a list of fields available through this factory.
Public Property ItemGets an item by index. The index is one-based.
Public Property RatioThe similarity ratio for the specified item.
Public Property TotalCountTotal result count, when fetch limit is used in filter.
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