GroupingItem Object
A set of entities having the same value in a specific field.

A group is a set of entities all having the same value in a field. This field is called the "group by field". For example, the set of Bug entities having the value "Low" in the BG_SEVERITY field is a group.

A group may also contain subgroups. For example, a group of Bugs grouped by BG_SEVERITY may have subgroups grouped by BG_RESPONSIBLE.

Public Properties
Public Property FieldNameThe name of the field by which the objects are grouped.
Public Property FieldValueItems belonging to the group have this value in the field.
Public Property GroupListThe list of sub-groups of this group.
Public Property ItemCountThe number of objects in the group.
Public Property ItemListThe list of references to the members of the group.
Public Property TotalCountTotal result count, when fetch limit is used in filter.
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