GroupingManager Object
Provides services for grouping.

The GroupingManager serves as the top-level of a tree of GroupingItem lists. The GroupingManager Refresh method fetches a list of GroupingItem objects according to Group criteria. Each GroupingItem object can contain a list of sub-groups.

Get a reference to a GroupingManager object from the GroupingManager Property of the IBaseFactory2 implemented interface of a factory object.

Public Methods
Public Method ClearDeletes the data from the GroupItem list in memory.
Public Method GroupListThe list of top-level GroupItem objects.
Public Method IsClearChecks if the GroupingManager contains any data. True if there is no data.
Public Method ItemListThe list of references to the members of the group.
Public Method RefreshFetches the GroupList according to the Filter and Group values, overwriting the list in memory.
Public Properties
Public Property GroupThe grouping criteria.
Public Property TextThe text representation of the grouping criteria.
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