AssetRelationFactory Object
Services for managing relations between assets.

Get a reference from ISupportAssetRelations.AssetRelationFactory.

ISupportAssetRelations is inherited by all the entity classes that support relations, such as ComponentTest, QCResource, and UserAsset

You can also get a reference from TDConnection.AssetRelationFactory Property.

See  Example: Setting Up Assets and Relations.

Implemented Interface Description
IBaseFactory2 Provides basic object basic factory services, such as adding and removing factory child objects and creating lists of child objects.
ISearchableFactory Services to support text searches in properties of objects managed by a factory.
Public Methods
Public Method AddItem Creates a new item object.
Public Method CreateSearchOptions Creates a new SearchOptions object.
Public Method IsSearchable Checks if the Search method can be called by this factory.
Public Method Mail Mails the list of IBase Factory Items. 'Items' is a list of ID numbers.
Public Method NewList Creates a list of objects according to the specified filter.
Public Method RemoveItem Removes item from the database. Removal takes place immediately, without a Post.
Public Method RemoveRelations Removes an asset's relations.
Public Method Search Gets a list of objects matching the search query.
Public Properties
Public Property FetchLevel The Fetch level for a field.
Public Property Fields The list of all available fields for the entity managed by the factory.
Public Property Filter The TDFilter object for the factory.
Public Property GroupingManager The GroupingManager for this factory.
Public Property GroupingSupported Check whether the factory supports grouping.
Public Property History The History object for this entity.
Public Property Item Gets an object managed by the factory by its key.
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