IBPComponentFactory2 Interface
Services for managing BP component.
Public Methods
Public Method AddItemCreates a new item object.
Public Method IsValidMoveListChecks if the moving bp components given before bpCompAfterNewLocationId is valid (no bpParam references will be lost). if moving to the end of the script put '0' in bpCompAfterNewLocationId
Public Method MailMails the list of IBase Factory Items. 'Items' is a list of ID numbers.
Public Method MoveListMoves a list of BP Components under the specified parent in the specified order, validate and fix bpParams references validation after the move. To place the BP Component last, send TDAPI_POS_ORDER.TDPOSITION_LAST as the starting order. bpCompAfterNewLocationI
Public Method NewListCreates a list of objects according to the specified filter.
Public Method RemoveItemRemoves item from the database. Removal takes place immediately, without a Post.
Public Properties
Public Property FetchLevelThe Fetch level for a field.
Public Property FieldsThe list of all available fields for the entity managed by the factory.
Public Property FilterThe TDFilter object for the factory.
Public Property HistoryThe History object for this entity.
Public Property ItemGets an object managed by the factory by its key.
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