AttachmentFactory Object
Services for managing attachments of the current field object.

Get an AttachmentFactory from the Attachments Property of any object that implements IBaseFieldEx, SubjectNode.Attachments, or TestSetFolder.Attachments.

See also: The Attachment Object

Implemented InterfaceDescription
IBaseFactory2Provides basic object basic factory services, such as adding and removing factory child objects and creating lists of child objects.
ISupportCopyPaste2Services for supporting copy and paste.
ISupportCopyPaste4Services for supporting copy and paste.
Public Methods
Public Method AddItemCreates a new item object.
Public Method FactoryPropertiesGets the owner type and key for the AttachmentFactory object.
Public Method NewListCreates a list of objects according to the specified filter.
Public Method RemoveItemRemoves item from the database. Removal takes place immediately, without a Post.
Public Properties
Public Property AttachmentStorageDeprecated. Use the entity-level Attachments property for downloading and uploading attachment files.
Public Property FetchLevelThe Fetch level for a field.
Public Property FieldsThe list of all available fields for the entity managed by the factory.
Public Property FilterThe TDFilter object for the factory.
Public Property GroupingManagerThe GroupingManager for this factory.
Public Property GroupingSupportedCheck whether the factory supports grouping.
Public Property HistoryThe History object for this entity.
Public Property ItemGets an object managed by the factory by its key.
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